The Server

A fully-controlled server is critical to the development of web-based services for any entreprise. Below is a listing of pages which, for the novice, is represent a progressive series to achieve a minimum level of competence in creating, configuring and maintaining these services.

01 Domain Name
How to acquire a domain name and essential software tools
11 Flask
A three page site with contact page
02 Virtual Server
Preparing to create a virtual server
12 Basic 3-page Website
with w3.js
03 Fundamental Setup
Create an accessible Ubuntu server
13 NYR/OpenVPN
for confidential network access
04 Firewall
Essential First-level Security
14 SSL Certificate(s) for Websites
Elevating Websites to SSL Security
05 Fail2Ban
Stopping the Password Breakin
15 Dancer2
A three page site in perl
06 FTP
File Transfer to the Server
16 Advance Flask
Three Functional Demos
07 iRedMail
The Comprehensive Mail Server
17 Mojolicious
Powerful WebFrameWork
08 Basic Website
The One-Page Site
18 ExpressJS
A Javascript Framework
09 Wordpress
A CMS-type WebSite
19 ...more to come
10 SQL-ledger
A browser-accessible comprehensive finance ledger