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revised: 05-Sep-2023

details via github:NYR/OpenVPN

1. An account on virtual server provider - perhaps a low cost one such as and server)
Note: In creating that account, it is recommended choose - Package: SSD512 at USD2.50/mo //select any OS
b. Ubuntu22.04 x86 64bit V2: Once the account is established, choose to re-install (now more choices) this OS.
2. Webmin & SSH: With a Ubuntu22.04 based VPS running, now refer to Fundamental Setup to establish the cpanel:Webmin
3. [Optional but higly recommended] Establish a SSH link with the VPS and the root user as described in More Secure Logon - SSH

Setting up the NYR/OpenVPN Server

The setup is done in this few steps:
Step1: Logon as root to the Ubuntu22.04 VPS v2
Step2: Enter following:

root@myvps:# apt update
root@myvps:# apt -y upgrade
root@myvps:# wget -O && bash

Step3: Accept the defaults but have a name for one's first client, eg. sammy01
The end result is a client file of .opvn -- sammy01.opvn
Step4: Open Webmin and download this .opvn file. Via Webmin->Tools->Upload and Download ->Download from Server and then via USB cable or other means, upload file to the phone or PC, whatever the case.

1. One can repeatedly use the code: bash to add or delete clients.
2. The setup creates a firewall to facilitate network traffic through port: 1194 However, this firewall configuration gives insufficient protection and it is recommended to use a more robust one.
Download the following
root@myvps:# bash
NYR/OpenVPN NYR/OpenVPN Client