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Advance Flask

revised: 06-Sep-2023

Prerequisites: The Ubuntu22.04 Server setup and familiarity with the 3-page Flask website setup. Found here: Flask 3pg Site

Demo#1 - Flask Blog Tutorial

The full tutorial is found at Site. Our purpose is provide a slightly easier working setup and a summarized process on how that was done as to compliment the tutorial and provide insights to the workings of Flask.

Demo#2 - Flask Roles Tutorial

With great thanks to the website page on Setup user-authentication in Flask. The code, slightly outdated with some minor corrections, is integrated into a 3-page website with the aim of demonstrating the qualities of Flask-Login to make for an institutional website with private pages where the administrator has full control over the management of users.

Demo#3 - Flask Security App

Again great thanks to another coder called 'Keneth M', where the basis of the setup started with code found here. Using this as a foundation, a fuller application has been developped based on a database (Sqlite3 but easy to re-configure if one wishes to use PostgreSQL) and with Flask-Mail behind a contact page (assuming a tandemn iRedmail setup). All-in-all, it offers a good starting point for an institutional website with the robust Flask-Security providing email confirmation to new registrations prior to login.