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The Basic Website

revised: 20-Apr-2023

-build with w3.css
The strategy here is to first create on one's PC a webserver such the design work can be done offline and when complete, uploaded to the server. Higly recommended is also the excellent learning site: that is rich in easy to follow tutorials.

Part A: Designing the Website on a PC

Step#01: Download and Install the Abyss Webserver
Via this link download the Aprelium's Abyss Webserver
Launch the install file. Instead of installing to the default destination folder, install it to one's My Document folder for ease of access and use. Choose "Manual startup"
For login, again for ease of use, type in "admin" and for password "admin".
The default host should read: "Default Host on Port 80".
Enter in your browser: "localhost", one should see the Abyss Web Server Welcome page.

Step#02 (optional): Download the w3.css file
The following link: w3.css will open a text file. Select/highlight and copy all the text into a text editor (eg. Notepad++) and save the file as: w3.css
Note: By downloading the w3.css file and placing it in the document root (htdocs) of the webserver on the PC enables pages to be rendered properly without Internet access.

Step#03: Download this simple html page: index.txt
Open this file: copy the contents into a text editor(eg. NotePlus++) and rename it: index.html

Step#04: Clear out the htdoc folder and place in these two files: w3.css and index.html
Go to this folder: [My Documents]->[Abyss Web Server]->[htdocs] and delete the two existing files.
Place it this folder these new two ones: index.html and w3.css

Step#05: Open browser and type:'localhost'
The result should be a page with a green banner with the words: 'Summer Holiday' with the tab bearing the words 'My Summer'.

Tip#01: Apart from the ever-useful Noteplus++ editor, a very good and freely available html-code editor can be found at:codelobster
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