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Note-Taking - Introduction

revised 25-Apr-2022

Good note-taking is critical in the successful undertaking of any research, course, meeting and many other circumstance. Hightlighting paragraphs and taking written notes have been a typical approach to notes. However it is often difficult to retrieve such notes quickly and each note remains in isolation to notes related in some way or other, making difficult even to find one. Fortunately with the advent of computers and deep-thought on this important subject by others, various approaches and tools are now available to create an efficient, well-honed network of such notes. Note-taking, a very personal endeavour in the way each person engages his/hers ideas, this writer understands that in presenting his unique approach in the humble intent of sharing it, others may find suitable or not, yet it can serve as a basis for developing their own note-taking methods.

Zettelkasten: The following technical environment attempts to mimic the concepts expressed by the Zettelkasten method where tools and structures therein allow for easy cross-linkages, tags and even quick loading of references; hence it is useful to first get some familiarity with it. A good site to start with is found at: Zettelkasten-Overview

The core application towards implementing this writer's version of Zettelkasten is a powerful, well-documented and flexible 'wiki' based on PHP called 'PmWiki' and an overview of the installation process can be found at via PmWiki-Installation. For the next step and for a guided installation process, click on the link below called: 'Basic'

PmWiki/StandAlone Webserver
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