Server Contents

Good Practices

Herein are recommendations towards good practices in various areas of IT and office management.

01 Passwords
How to create strong passwords
10 Nonprofit Status
How to gain access to MS offerings
02 More Secure Logon - SSH
Enhancing server-security with SSH logons
11 AutoHotKey
Auto text that transcends any one app
03 More Secure Logon - htaccess
Enhancing website-security with htacess logons
12 PGP Privacy
Securing Confidential Correspondence
04 Computer Use Handbook
Developing Guidelines & Policy
13 Smartphone Formatted Content
Developing easy-to-read content
05 Secure Zip Folder
Key to sercure files in transit
14 SMB Accounting
Accounting for Small Community Schools
06 Scanning
Good scanning is Important
15 more to follow...
07 Scan2SVG
Creating a vector-based image
08 Cashbox
Starting point for finances
09 Typesetting
Starting point for typesetting