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The Virtual Server

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (64bit) Jammy Jellyfish)

revised: 18-Apr-2023

For small entreprises, the offerings on virtual servers are most attractive as opposed to installing physical server. Here the focus is a virtual server (a linode from but also called droplets in DigitalOcean), which among the many offering, current preference on this site is Ubuntu 22.04 64bit) a well-established Linux OS that is support up to April 2027 (with security updates available up to 2032). Moreover this Linux OS is well-discussed, and has many points for assistance available on the Internet for both Debian and Ubuntu (which is Debian-based). To host a mailserver as well, it is recommended to choose at least that offering with 2Gb ram ($12/mo) from Linode and DigitalOcean. Linode has a backup service for USD2.50/mo (recommended) For those, seeking to establish a website only, the minimum offerings ($5/mo) from both will be sufficient. For even modest budgets, other providers such as, an adequate server can be as economical as $2/mo.

Note: Our experience with Linode has been excellent and our preferred choice. That said, DigitalOcean is similarly well-structured. Both offer an excellent set of tutorials, openly accessible all. However, if one wishes to move from one hosting service to another in the future, it may be useful to use the DNS services from the domain provider (eg.

As one prepares to engage either one of these services, one will require:

Server - Contents