Translation Introduction


The success of a translation group often depends on the clarity of the group’s vision of what it wishes to achieve. Constructing a ‘mission’ statement helps the group maintain focus. Moreover, a group needs a plan and a supported budget to implement their chosen framework of action – usually on an annual basis. In time, the group will understand the level of its capacity and will be able to evaluate more accurately the time and ressources to achieve specific goals, in terms of texts and materials to be translated as well as the funding required. This annual plan and budget would then be submitted to the institutions where these translations will serve. That said, often such groups move forward on their own in a spirit of selfless service, finding ressources amongst themselves and/or from other interested parties.

Keeping record of the time and ressources to accomplish specific translations is valuable for future planning and capacity-building – certainly noting how these were accomplished within or fell short of expections.

Herein linked to two excellent translation guides:
Bahá'í Translation Work; A Compilation.pdf (~1Mb)
Bahá'í Translation Workshop-handouts.pdf (~1Mb)

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