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Note-Taking - Basic

revised 25-Apr-2022

PmWiki-Standalone-setup: For a quick installation for Win10 PC users, follow the instructions given here: PmWiki-Standalone-MS Windows with the following suggestions:

Install the 'Powershell' via the Microsoft store. Then take these steps:

  1. Create a temporary folder - say 'cb' on the desktop and in that folder, unzip the file.
  2. Rename the unzipped folder, simply as pmwiki.
  3. Similar download and unzip in this 'cb' folder, the file. The result is a folder called 'server'
  4. Move the 'server' folder into the 'pmwiki' folder
  5. Now move the 'pmwiki' folder into the C: directory
  6. Download this file config.php and place it in the 'pmwiki/local' directory. Read and possibly modify this file for suitable changes.
  7. Create a shortcut to the Powershell in the task bar.
  8. Right-click on the shortcut so to open the Powershell to 'Run as Administrator'
  9. In the Powershell, type C:\pmwiki\server\ and press 'return'
  10. Again in the Powershell, type 'pmwikiserv.bat' and press 'return'
  11. The result should be that the server is 'listening on
  12. Open the browser and enter: http://localhost/pmwiki.php
Tip01: Powershell will autocomplete after a few characters then tab.

Following some of the basic concepts of Zettelkasten, one could consider naming new pages with the date in the fashion of: yyyymmdd followed by one keyword, like 20220425-keyword. In this manner, the page-name remains unique. Moreover, a consistent structure to the notes themselves is recommended -- a sample template in this fashion:

tags: ##tag1 ##tag2 ##tag3

Tip02: As the single hash '#' is used in the wiki's macros, it is advised to use double hashes '##' for tags.

Having written-up notes with your PmWiki, you can easily search them using the search dialogue; entering tags with their usual prefix'##' or by simply entering a word or a combo of words. Notes themselves can be easily cross-linked to other notes via the '[[GroupName/page]]' format and/or with local or remote html pages links by simply stating the link eg. 'http://...' in the note.

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