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Note-Taking - Basic

revised 25-Apr-2022

PmWiki-Standalone-setup: For a quick installation for Win10 PC users, first read the instructions given here: PmWiki-Standalone-MS Windows with the following suggestions:

Install the 'Powershell' via the Microsoft store. Then take these steps as provided with full details see: Pmwiki-Local Install

Following some of the basic concepts of Zettelkasten, one could consider naming new pages with the date in the fashion of: yyyymmdd followed by one keyword, like 20220425-keyword. In this manner, the page-name remains unique. Moreover, a consistent structure to the notes themselves is recommended -- a sample template in this fashion:

tags: ##tag1 ##tag2 ##tag3

Tip: As the single hash '#' is used in the wiki's macros, it is advised to use double hashes '##' for tags.

Having written-up notes with your PmWiki, you can easily search them using the search dialogue; entering tags with their usual prefix'##' or by simply entering a word or a combo of words. Notes themselves can be easily cross-linked to other notes via the '[[GroupName/page]]' format and/or with local or remote html pages links by simply stating the link eg. 'http://...' in the note.

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