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Note-Taking - Extras

revised 25-Apr-2022

a. AutoHotKey

Within PmWiki, there are a number of straight-forward and easily implemented editing 'marks' for enhancing the readability of notes. However beyond these, more complex marks are required that activate editing styles, text justiification and other numerous actions. To make quick work of these, the app: AutoHotKey can aptly fill this gap. It's a kind of macro app by which with a very few keystroke can trigger the execution of simple or complex instructions.

For example, to render a note template similar to the one suggested in Basic:



This would be done by an entry in your customized:'yourscript.ahk' for the key combination 'zds' as follows:
:*R:zds::tags: `r----`r`rsource:

a. AHK-Macro01-Convert highlighted text to a key-combo

This macro: ahk-macro01.txt will quickly setup a key-combo for any highlight text. To activate this macro, place this text within 'myscript.ahk' and restart the script (Run as Administrator). Then use the key-combo 'Alt(right)+l' (the letter 'L') on any highlight text and choose your custom key-combo and save. Thereafter, that custom key-combo will return a copy of the same text.

b. AHK-Macro02-Get Date

This macro: ahk-macro02.txt (to be first entered into 'myscript.ahk') will quickly output the date in the format 'yyyymmdd'. To activate this macro, use the key-combo ']+p'.
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