Memorization Introduction

Major System - Phonetic Numbers

In brief, it revolves around the concept of associating a sound or rather a letter with a number which by this means one associates words with numbers. It’s usefulness obviously depends one’s objective; such as to remember lists, a sequence of events or points in a presentation that follow in a logical order.

This writer created two sets of one hundred associations, labelling the sets of ‘Animate’ and ‘Inanimate’ things with the aim of having a wider system where one could further associate an animate and an inanimate image together to tag a memory; the animate preceding the inanimate. The sets were developed together with pictures.

1. The best initial approach is for one to create one’s own set(s) – get help from – and to associate images with each member of the set(s).
2. Starting at an easy pace, create 5 – 6 associations as to memorize items daily, going systematically through the set(s) so that one ultimately becomes thoroughly familiar with the set(s).
Loci System
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Major System
Phonetic Numbers