Preparation for the Ledger Setup

revised: 23-Feb-2022

The setup will involve the entry of the usual company contact and tax information but planning of the ledger structure and privileges is required if it isn't already established.

It's recommended to have a look at these references:
-- SQL-Ledger Manual for Religous Organisations (emphasis Bahá’í Spiritual Assemblies) SQL-Ledger-Applied-SpiritualAssembly2022v02.pdf together with a companion starter database: testdb-3.2.10-20220223(proj).sql (8kb)
-- The SQL-Ledger Forum - online SQL-Ledger Forum
-- More thorough but somewhat outdated manual (version2.xx) as .pdf file can be downloaded here.
-- Preferred and more recent reference: (.pdf ~9mb) can be downloaded here sql-ledger-user-guideV306.pdf

a. The Users and their ledger privileges

Assuming the bookshop has these three users of the ledger:

Once the Admin user is set for a particular dataset,(eg. admin@bookstoredb), he/she can login and set users via HR->Employees. For an employee to have access to the ledger is done by giving the employee a login username and password. Then via the 'access' button at the bottom of the page, specific access is set by activating/deactivating the list of menu items that appear. An access set of one employee can be copied to another by simply renaming the existing employee with the new info, saving "as new" thereafter.

b. Data Structure of Ledger and related Financial Documents

There are some areas here that require planning prior to establishing a SQL-ledger database (or dataset as it is called therein):