revised: 24-Jan-2022

SQL-ledger v3.2.10 has useful human resource module in the ‘HR’ menu item [add employees], with their personal info and to give each employee a alphanumeric code (eg. EMP001) in the “Employee Number”.

Note: Before entering employees into the dataset, it is very useful to create template structures and prepare the Chart of Accounts to accommodate employee postings - see the following:

Suggested Payroll Preparations

Setup Procedure

Note: The 'rate %' column appears to be redundant with any deduction created. Put the actual amount to be deducted in the 'Amount' column.
Via HR -> Setup one would:

Around mid-month, one would post the monthly wage together possibly with a mid-month advance for each employee. Essentially, this posting acts as a "Vendor Invoice". Under HR, one would 'add transaction' and the entry could look like this:

SQL-Ledger Payroll-04

For the final monthly payment, one would go to AP/Vouchers -> Payment [or preferrably: Payments, as there are many employees balances to finalize],
-- Add a description (eg. Sal-Bal-Jan20) and posting date
-- Set the 'AP' to '2190-Accured Wages Payable, among other details.
-- Enter the amount balance under 'Paid' and check activate the box adjacent to the amount just entered.
The entry could look like this:

SQL-Ledger Payroll-03
The voucher needs to processed: Go to Vouchers->Reports->All Batches, press continue and the pending batches will appear. Click on the batch number to open it and post it. Note: Here one still has an opportunity to modify/delete the batch if errors were made.