Payroll via SQL-Ledger HR

revised: 09-Sep-2023

SQL-ledger v3.2.12 has useful human resource module in the ‘HR’ menu item [add employees], with their personal info and to give each employee a alphanumeric code (eg. EMP001) in the “Employee Number”.

Recommendation: For those new to both accounting and SQL-Ledger, it is advised, using a test database to go the 'Simple Payroll' after which test similarly 'Staff as Vendors' before testing this HR approach.
Note: The HR approach in reality treats staff also as vendors but one may find the HR environment in SQL-Ledger, although very good for a large payroll, a bit restrictive with regard to any additional staff advances, services and other extra employee transactions.
Note: Before entering employees into the dataset, it is very useful to create template structures and prepare the Chart of Accounts to accommodate employee postings - see the following:

Suggested Payroll Preparations