SQL-ledger: Staff as Vendors

revised: 19-Sep-2023

Staff as Vendors for Payroll Management

Creating vendors eases payroll tasks in SQL-ledger for the following reasons:

Additional Tips

  1. Staff Loans: Create an AP account (eg. Staff Loans) and a service (eg. LoanStaff) - service with zero value. Then raise a Debt invoice for that staff member, setting the loan amount under the service 'LoanStaff'. That debit invoice will come up, when for that staff, one uses Voucher->Payment (no 's') thereby making deductions on the salary payment. One can use the same payroll cheque number, used for the monthly payment (advance or final).
  2. Allowances and Overtime: These too can be setup as services. Overtime could be an hourly cost charge conveniently multiplied in the vendor invoice.
  3. Examining the 'Chart of Accounts' after each step will confirm the effect on the ledger.
  4. Saving the ledger at important changes or transaction enables one to create a 'restore point'.