SQL-ledger Templates

revised: 19-Sep-2023

SQL-Ledger templates offered a powerful way to develop all kinds of financial documentation, from invoicing to receipts. The templates for each dataset is found at: /usr/local/sql-ledger/templates/[dataset]. If one has created a 'language', its directory with templates and image files are also found here.

One attractive feature of the templates offered within SQL-ledger are those under the Latex templates as these can render invoices and other documents by the ledger into PDF files.

Two files that are not available within the drop-down selection: preamble.tex/.html and letterhead.tex/.html To access them, it is recommended to use the FTP application such as FileZilla by which one can easily edit these files.

Preamble.tex: For those who wish to have a4 size and not letter size, replace \usepackage[paper=letterpaper,... with \usepackage[paper=a4paper,...

letterhead.tex: To fine-tune the size of the company logo, adjust up or down the number in: \includegraphics[scale=0.3]

Note: Latex is a programming where even a missed placed ',' can rendered a file non-functional. It is recommended to either keep a backup copy of any original .tex or to rename a copy of it - like credit_invoice.tex to a copy as credit_invoice2.tex.

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