SQL-Ledger Features

revised: 24-Jan-2022

This write-up, while not exhaustive, is based on this writer's experience with this application and its development from 2006 where it was applied to a manufacturing business for over 12 years. The version 3.2.10 is the current version and it can handle complex business structure. Herein is an attempt to express its (SQL-Ledger) suitable application to the many needs of the community: eg Treasuries (National to Local), Institute, Schools and other community projects. The bookshop is the most versatile environment to demonstrate the qualities of this software and herein that business example will be used.
Note: An earlier and more simple version: 2.8.33 (enhanced with inventory capability)is also available.
Being rich in features but poor in some areas, particularly documentation, one is urgent to give time to get familiar with this version 3.xx series. It is highly recommended to first setup a 'test' dataset and, using mock-up accounts, create transactions, invoices, reports etc as to appreciate this remarkable application.

The features and qualities that make SQL-Ledger* a very suitable choice as an ERP application:

*Creator: Dieter Simader (SQL-ledger.com)

Note: The scope of this set of pages to follow is to give the basics in setting up a SQL-ledger to serve a simple business setup such as a bookstore but avoids to get into higher complexies of booking-keeping transactions.