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Many small businesses and communities of all sorts, especially emerging National Offices of Bahá’í communities world-wide, seek to have a presence on the Web. This may begin with a simple website but then to later engage numerous other beneficial webservices. It is particularly timely to do so as the web-service offerings have become much more user-friendly and accessible economically.

This site makes an attempt to provide a conherent and practical instruction set to easily active these webservices together with at least some basic security (a constant concern of any webmaster).

Apart from webservices, every office, small or large, needs a range of systems and policies to remain efficient in the ever-widening demands of both statutory and non-statutory requirements of working within a community. Again, a modest effort within the site to provide at least an outline for such systems and policies.

Lastly there are few extra areas that the site strive to give some support: the art of translation, the art of enhanced learning and few other topics.

The Faith’s standing in various spaces in which discourses unfold has been much enhanced by its official presence on the World Wide Web, a presence which has expanded considerably through the launch of numerous national Bahá’í websites and the further development of the family of sites associated with Bahai.org. This has immense value for both the propagation and protection of the Cause."

Universal House of Justice, Riḍván 2018 - part para.7